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Skill Builder Block 5 & 6: Four At a Time Half Square Triangles

Updated: Apr 14

I can't believe we are halfway throught the Skill Builder quilt already. I hope you are enjoying it and really looking forward to seeing all the creations.

This time around we are going to be learning how to create 4 half square triangles (HRT's) at once. I am always all about piecing quickly and efficiently, because I am constantly distracted by the next quilt I want to sew.

Referring to the cutting instructions on Block 5, you will be taking your 2 squares and placing them on top of one another. When you have them aligned, go ahead and sew a 1/4" seam all the way around your square. Be sure to overlap your starting point.

When you have them sewn together, take your ruler and rotary cutter and cut through the squares from corner to corner in both directions.

After cutting, you should have 4 HRT's. Press them towards the darker fabric to open them up. Then continue following the instructions on the pattern to finish your block.

Don't forget to always implement chain piecing when you can for more efficient piecing.

You will use this method to create 8 HRT's on the pattern for Block 6 as well.

Happy Sewing!

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