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Skill Builder Block 9 & 10: Foundation Paper Piecing Part 1; Templates

Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP) can seem intriguing and intimidating all at the same time. Once I learned how, I was absolutely mezmerized at the precision you can get out of your blocks.

Be warned, FPP is time consuming and I think a bit wasteful in terms of the paper that hits the recycle bin. is an awesome challenge and you will be so stoked with the results.

So let's get into it! Any FPP pattern will come with templates. Some will fit an 8-1/2" x 11, some will not. The ones that don't will require you to print various pages and tape them together, just like my Block 9 & 10 of this series. Using newsprint or a very thin type of paper is really helpful for tearing it out of your block later, but using regular printer paper works too.

Your templates will print out on 4 pages and you need to piece them together to creat one large template. Start by taking your top right piece and trimming off the left edge of the paper using a ruler and rotary cutter (I have a rotary dedicated to paper cutting!). Line your ruler up directly on the light gray line. DO NOT trim anything off the template or you will loose the 12.5" finished size of your block.

Place your trimmed template piece on the left template piece and line up the little triangles to form a diamond. Using clear scotch tape, tape your pieces together.

Repeat the trimming and taping process with the bottom pieces of your template.

You should end up with 2 halves of the template.

Take the bottom half of your template and trim off the excess paper along the light gray line as you did in previous steps.

Once trimmed, line up the 4 triangles to form diamonds and tape the template together.

You may take a ruler and check that it measures 12.5" between the dotted lines.

Your template is now ready to create an incredible paper pieced block.

You may print as many templates as you want to create as many blocks as you need for your quilt. Enjoy!

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