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Skill Builder Block 8: HRT's and Partial Seams!

Half Rectangle Triangle. Yep, it is a thing and so is a partial seam. These are two techniques you may not come across as often as flying geese or half square triangles, but it's still good to know what they are and how to tackle them.

Following the cutting directions in the pattern, it is very important that you cut your rectangles in half from top left to bottom right.

Lay your two triangles as shown and then sew them together with a 1/4" seam.

Using a ruler or template that has dots along the 45 degree line, you will line up your block on the 4-1/2" and then make sure that the 1/4" dot on the 45 degree line is on your diagonal seam as shown in the photo.

Then trim across the top and on the right side (if needed).

Rotate your block and do the same thing as before, but also make sure the bottom of your block is lined up on the 7-1/2" line at the bottom. (see photo)

Trim the right side and along the top of your block. You should have an HRT that measures 4-1/2" x 7-1/2". Repeat until you have 4 HRT units. Continue following the instructions in the pattern to add the strips to the sides of your HRT's.

Now...on to the partial seam.

Take your center square and line it up in the top left corner of one of your HRT units and sew a 1/4" seam halfway down. Be sure to backstitch at the end. Press.

This leave space to add the final HRT unit into the block. Following the instructions, continue adding your HRT units around until you come to the 4th and final one.

Once you have added your final HRT, you need to close the partial seam. Simply fold your block over until the edges of the fabric match up and continue sewing the seam closed picking up where the originial partial seem left off.

Once complete, your block is finished. Give it a final press and your ready to move onto the next one!

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