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Skill Builder Block 3: Let's Quickly Piece a Log Cabin Block

Welcome back! I hope you are enjoying the Skill Builder so far. Remember, the blocks are going to become more challenging as we move along. The Log Cabin Block is number 3 in the series. This is a classic block that works well in traditional style quilts as well as modern.

Log Cabin blocks can be a little daunting because there is a lot of cutting involved. So I am going to show you a quicker way to move through a Log Cabin block.

Cut all of your strips according to the cut instructions. Once you have all your strips cut, there is no need to subcut them down to any particular size.

When creating this block, be sure that your 1/4" seam is very accurate and press well in between each piece. This will help ensure your final, unfinished block ends up at 12-1/2" x 12-1/2". Using a scant 1/4" can be helpful as well. A scant 1/4" is about 1 thread width less than the actual 1/4".

Take your 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" center square and grab your first color. Lining up the strip on the right top corner edge of the center square, sew a 1/4" to the end of the square.

Trim the strip to the edge of the center square and press.

Working in a clockwise manner, add a strip to bottom of the unit. Trim the strip to the edge of the unit as you did previously.

Take your next color and continue piecing your block in the same manner until you have completed it.

Don't forget to share your Skill Builder journey using #coastsideskillbuilder2024.

Thank you for being here.

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