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THE ECO-FRIENDLY ALTERNATIVE TO PLASTIC WRAP AND DISPOSABLE STORAGE BAGS. If you’re looking for a zero-waste alternative, then beeswax food wraps are a simple way to help reduce the use of plastic in the kitchen. These food wraps are a versatile solution for sustainable food storage and will help anyone minimize their footprint.


  • This is a starter pack of  3 sizes, 8"x8", 10"x10" and 12"x12".
  • PLANTABLE PACKAGING! The paper packaging around your beeswax wraps is plantable. No need to recycle it or throw it out. Plant it in a pot or your garden and let the wildflowers grow!
  • Use the warmth of your hands to activate, then place over bowls, wrap around food and snacks, like half of a banana, a few orange slices or a sandwich. Perfect to toss into your lunch box!
  • Made of 100% pure, triple filtered, cosmetic grade beeswax and 100% high quality quilters cotton.
  • In addition to keeping your food and snacks fresh, the antimicrobial aspect of beeswax wraps helps preserve your food even longer.
  • Beeswax food wraps are washable, reusable, compostable, and of course, plastic-free. Hand wash in cold water with a biodegradable soap for the longest lifespan, let air dry and store in a cool, dry place (your kitchen drawer is perfect).
  • Please keep your food wraps away from heat such as hot water, microwave, dishwasher and oven.


Custom beeswax orders are available if you are looking for a special size or print. Please inquire.



Beeswax Wrap - Lime Dandelions - Set of 3

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