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I would love to invite you to teach your sewing skill or craft at my studio!

I am always looking for new instructors to teach their craft, especially various aspects of sewing. I am open to most types of crafts so let me know if you have something specific you would like to teach. You can teach one class, multiple classes or a workshop.


  • 12 desks and chairs to accommodate students. Desks are light and easily configured to suit your needs.

  • Classroom is stocked with fabric scissors, rotary cutters, mats, rulers, fabric scraps, & 5 ironing stations.

  • There are 4 sewing machines available for student use, but otherwise students need to bring their own machine.

  • 3 additional 6' tables are available.

  • One 4' table available.

  • Risers available for 2 tables.

  • There is a large flat screen television available for presentations or to have students join virtually. Uses an HDMI cable.

Please fill out all the information below to be considered to teach your class or workshop at Coastside Quilt Studio.

  • Please submit a headshot and 2-6 photos of your craft (

  • Please make sure your photos are well lit and well composed.

  • Make sure your rate will cover your time and materials. 

  • 70/30 split with Coastside Quilt Studio.

  • You will receive your full payment via Venmo, PayPal OR Zelle the day of the class.

  • If you are charging your students an additional fee for supplies, I do not take a % of that cost. (For example: the class is $65/person plus $25 for materials, I only split the $65 with you). Students are required to pay you directly at the class for materials that are not included.

Coastside Quilt Studio Instructor Form

Preferred Class Day(s)
Preferred Time of Day

Thanks for submitting!

I'll be in touch soon.

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